Bendigo Cemeteries Trust Volunteer Committee

The Trust's Volunteer Committee is a group of dedicated individuals who contribute countless hours to furthering community awareness of the rich heritage embodied in our cemeteries.

Members of this group have also published many valuable articles and books on the history and peoples of Bendigo and its environs.

The Bendigo Cemeteries Trust Volunteer Committee is the Trust's authorised committee for the conduct of displays, cemetery tours and research.

Learning Centre

The Learning centre is open from 11:00am to 3:00pm each Wednesday and also on both days of the first full weekend of each month. 

Volunteer Committee members are contactable within these hours on 03 5443 3108

Upcoming events:

There are no events scheduled at the moment.
Please revisit this site from time to time, we will endeavour to update as soon as an event is planned.

About the Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is situated in the historic Sexton’s Residence within the grounds of Bendigo Public Cemetery, Carpenter St, Bendigo.

The Bendigo Cemeteries Trust is ever mindful of the important role it plays as custodian of such a valuable yet fragile remnant of our past.

Cemeteries are a vital component of any region’s heritage and as such are open museums from which we can obtain important information on the development of an area.

Through their Volunteer Committee the Trust launched an Education Centre in the former Sexton's Residence at the Bendigo Cemetery. This occurred on Thursday 1st November, 2001. This facility has enabled school and community groups to utilise and be aware of the educational value of this region’s cemeteries.

The centre has evolved into a general learning, research and education centre for the wider community.

The location, size and data contained on monuments can provide details such as family structure and longevity, infant mortality and epidemics. Intelligence on religious, ethnic and social backgrounds can also be gleaned from these memorials.

School and group tours are currently undertaken by the members of the Volunteer Committee. It is anticipated that through greater awareness and appreciation of these sites, the community will derive many benefits including the curbing of vandalism.