The Option of Cremation

Until recent years the public generally accepted that when someone died they would most likely be buried in the local cemetery. That is not the case anymore. Today in country regions about 35% of those who die choose cremation. In metropolitan areas the ratio is much higher, 75% in some cases.

When comparing costs of crematorium and burials, cremation can be more economic. This is because cremation is less labour intensive and does not require the allocation of significant sectors of land, plant and machinery.

Cremation is, however, not sanctioned by all. It is forbidden by Orthodox Jews, Moslems, and some other religions. However, most Christian denominations, including the Roman Catholic Church, allow cremation. It is the normal method for Sikhs, Hindus, Parsees and Buddhists.

The service for a burial or cremation is the same apart from the form of committal. The burial ceremony (religious or civil) may take place in one’s own church or chapel with a short service in the crematorium chapel with a minister of one’s choice. Alternatively the whole service may be conducted elsewhere, with no service at the crematorium. The form of service should be arranged with the minister and funeral director.

Due to the finality of the cremation, specific documentation is required. It is best to approach a funeral director immediately death occurs. Discuss with him/her how soon you wish the cremation to take place, who you wish to officiate at the service and the form of service. The funeral director will then do all that is needed to procure the necessary documents to be completed for the cremation.
When attending to the final arrangements there are some administration tasks which must be completed.

You, as the appointed person (being next of kin, executor or delegated person, etc), will be asked to complete an application for cremation and the Department of Human Services authorisation forms. You will also be asked to indicate your intention regarding disposal of the cremated remains.

If you are undecided say so, and the crematorium will retain the remains for a reasonable period. There are many options for memorialisation within the Cemeteries administered by this Trust.

Further information on cremation and memorialisation can be obtained from Neangar Memorial Park, telephone (03) 5446 1566 or your local Funeral Director.