Kangaroo Flat Cemetery

Helm Street, Kangaroo Flat

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Believed to have commenced in 1855 although earlier deaths are recorded on some headstones. This may have resulted when remains were removed from the Sandhurst Burial ground when it was forced to close. Deaths were recorded in the Kangaroo Flat area as early as 1853 but the actual place of interment has never been verified. A small timber chapel and rotunda have been preserved at this site.

The Kangaroo Flat Cemetery was established in the mid 1850's. William Pittaway was credited with laying out the Monumental Sections in the strict denominational form that is still reflected today. The Kangaroo Flat Cemetery is divided into seven monumental sections. One Roman Catholic, one Methodist, one Presbyterian and four Church of England. These sections are laid out in a clover-leaf design and unlike some cemeteries, plots were not numbered prior to burials taking place. An interment number was allocated oat the time each grave was used.

Following the passing of a Government Act in 1854, the Sandhurst Burial Ground was forced the close as the Act stated the 'a burial ground must be at least 1 mile from a town'. Notices were issued in local newspapers informing relatives of the Councils intention to remove the remains and reinter them at other cemeteries.

The slate memorial erected in memory of the infant children of Hames and Mary Luxton is one of the earliest monuments erected in this Cemetery. Elizabeth Ann Luxton died in 1854 and was originally buried at the Sandhurst Burial Ground. This site is located to the right, beside the Chapel, after entering the main gates.

Luxton Family Monuments


The Bissill Monument

ImageThe Bissill monument is impressive, featuring a female with an anchor in her hand and a star on her head

Lawn area


The Lawn area at the Kangaroo Flat Cemetery differs from those at other local Bendigo cemeteries in the way that memorial plaques are installed. Plaques and Headstones are mounted vertically.

Monumental Section


Can I locate my forebears last resting place?

Unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed for all interments at Kangaroo Flat Public Cemetery.

A previous unauthorised act resulted in the removal of some grave markers. As no reliable maps remain and burial records do not indicate actual sites, it is now virtually impossible to reinstate these markers.

Numerous grave markers are stored in the timber chapel located to the right of the main entrance in Helm Street.

Can I find my ancestors?

Grave sites with monuments are easily located and for those umarked sites that can be identified the Trust is pleased to assist descendants who may wish to mark the graves of their ancestors with memorial bronze plaques (subject to the status of the grave site). Please contact the office at Eaglehawk to discuss available options.

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